Posted by: Steven Hammer | March 5, 2010

To treadmill or not to treadmill…

That has been my question as of late. Personally, I can’t stand the treadmill. Stale air, crowded gyms, 30-minute time limits, not to mention the act of “simulated” running. I, however, also live in Fargo, North Dakota, which translates into icy roads and sidewalks. I don’t mind the cold–I’ve lived in this region all my life. It’s the treacherous paths of ice that frighten me. I’ve even developed some mystery pains in my knees and ankles after my long runs (from stabilization, I presume). In any case, I’ve been visiting the gym more lately, especially for my interval runs.

I’ve also been thinking (read: worrying) about injuries. None have reared their ugly heads since the half marathon last fall, gratefully. Since then, I’ve really worked on increasing mileage intelligently, and listening to my body when it says stop. But I can’t help but worry at times that I will suffer further injuries. Last month’s Runner’s World printed a few articles on the psychological aspects of our sport, which I thought were informative. As suggested, I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook (which doesn’t come naturally, unfortunately…) and attitude, and have started to use meditative words during my long runs to “beef up” my psyche.

I’m looking forward to spring–I can feel it in the air. Now, if we can just avoid another flood in Fargo/Moorhead…

Have a great week of life and training, friends.



  1. look at you blogger man.

  2. Great Blog!

  3. I’m totally with you on the tredmill thing – got one, hate it, especially since I’ve started my country walks. The weather always gives me a different gift and in the spring there is so much wildlife moving about I get to see Eagles, geese, ducks, deer and trumpeter swans – all in the same day.

  4. Rock and Roll / Blues is the key for busting the monotony – get in the groove, man….

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