Posted by: Steven Hammer | March 17, 2010

A much-needed confidence booster

Ever have that week when your energy level is down and you’re beginning to doubt you can reach your goals? I had that week. (Well, weekend actually…) My long Sunday run was frustrating. I felt heavy, slow, cumbersome, out-of-sync. I finished it without problem or injury (I’m still so grateful to be injury-free this year so far…), but inside–somewhere deep and dark–I thought, “That was only 15 miles and you were dragging. How will you ever make 50?” This is a dangerous mental neighborhood to visit. Much has been said and written on the subject of sports (and distance running, specifically) psychology. This thought, however, sneaked in and found a cozy little corner in the back of my head…

I suspect this happens to us all (I hope!??!) and I imagine we have various mechanisms with which we fight negativity. I’d love to hear yours, by the way…

Luckily, today’s 9-mile tempo run radically displaced my insecurities. It wasn’t effortless, but I kept pace even against today’s wind. Tempo runs tend to be my confidence boosters. They look scary, they feel too fast at times, but I nearly always complete them and think, “wow, I’m better than I think–I can do this.”

They push, I push back. I love tempo runs.

On a separate but equally optimistic note, the sun was out again today in Fargo. It’s spring and I needed this so, so badly. Good running, friends.


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