Posted by: Steven Hammer | March 18, 2010

New shoes!

This post contains no deep or interesting observations. I got my new running shoes in the mail today (I’m trying a pair of Adidas AdiStar Salvations). What a fun treat! I think I’ll start slowly working them into the week on Monday, and work on retiring my beat up LunarGlides, which will now become my gym/cross training shoes. I also ordered one of those bright yellow reflective vests, mainly because I got sick of sticking orange duct tape on my shirt every time I went for a late night/early morning run.

I also received some race-related materials in the mail today: my registration confirmation for Grandma’s Marathon and some information on Hot Springs, SD. My partner, Erin, spent some time in Hot Springs as a child (her grandparents evidently lived there for a time) and had fun paging through photographs. We’ve planned a little trip out of the Lean Horse race, and I’m grateful to report that I’ll have her, our daughter Lily, and some of her family there to cheer me on! Anyway, it was a fun trip to the mailbox today–I’m really looking forward to the spring and summer now that winter has (seemingly) finally conceded to the sun and warmth.

Hope this finds you in good spirits, friends–happy spring!


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