Posted by: Steven Hammer | March 21, 2010

Overshooting the mark

As I become more formally educated, I seem to lose the ability to complete “everyday”tasks. For instance, I must take great care to park in the same general vicinity at work, lest I spend time walking around campus late at night guessing where I parked that morning. I’ve lived in Fargo long enough to know where things are and how to get there, yet I get lost more often than I admit.

So, I left the house this afternoon for a 16-mile run. I miscalculated something, because when I looked at my GPS, it read 16 miles and I was still two and a half miles from home. Luckily, I ran intelligently today. So, a happy error in judgment–I’m a bit ahead of schedule.

It was simply beautiful today. It’s been many months since I felt too warm for my clothing. People seem to be out running and bicycling and walking more and more. I really love seeing them, waving hello. It’s a community of people who seem to be really enjoying the moment they’re in. In many ways, as we pass each other and wave, we’re seeing each other at our very best. It’s no wonder so many smiles and waves are exchanged between us.

I’m a bit sore today, partly due to an extra couple of miles today, partly due to a pretty nasty over-the-handlebars spill on my bicycle Friday afternoon. Good news: I didn’t hit that pickup that cut me off. Bad news: a little bruised and embarrassed. In any case, bicycle season is here! I’m excited to park my car and bicycle.

I’m still injury free, but felt a nasty twinge today deep in my right upper hamstring/lower buttock. I pulled this mystery muscle during the half marathon last fall, and it put me out for 2 or 3 weeks. It didn’t stop me today, but I felt it whispering. This makes me a bit nervous. I’m icing and stretching it, but it’s one of those mysterious, hard-to-locate-exactly muscles. I hope I’m overreacting and it doesn’t flare up… Anyone ever have this trouble spot and have some advice?

Hope you have a great week, friends. Wave to each other out there, and enjoy the brilliance of returning to these warm, sunny runs that make us retire our winter gear.



  1. Dad says that it’s Winter that makes Spring so great – if that’s the case then this Spring will be friggin’ glorious!

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