Posted by: Steven Hammer | March 31, 2010

Seven weeks until the Fargo Marathon

All in all a very good week.

I found a wonderful new route Sunday. The middle miles (it’s an out-and-back route) are really beautiful. It’s a winding road, heavily wooded, and quiet. Unfortunately, I have few experiences in this area that inspire awe of nature or scenery. Perhaps I could venture out of Fargo…

Another part of me really enjoys running among/with/despite traffic. A friend of mine recently asked, “isn’t that cheating–stopping at lights…?” I hate stopping for lights, and regularly–and carefully–disobey pedestrian traffic signals. But something in me loves running the urban. Perhaps I desire people’s waves, interactions (not all positive) with motorists, the pace of it all. I’ve always liked the anonymity of being in  a crowd of strangers, maybe this is a parallel…

I’m still feeling good–no injuries, new shoes, new physical and mental challenges met thus far. I’m slipping into self-doubt once in a while, but that is what it is… Seven weeks until the Fargo Marathon! My long run is up to 20, so I feel comfortable and like I’ll be prepared on race day. Cautious optimism comes to mind…

Have a nice week, friends. Enjoy the long weekend if you get one.



  1. Keep up the good work, Steve. It’s a real turning point when people LOOK FORWARD TO exercising and feel deprived when they can’t.
    For so many, exercies is a chore that they struggle to get through each day.
    I know that running is so much for than that for you, but too bad more Americans can’t catch the fever.

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