Posted by: Steven Hammer | April 6, 2010

Rollercoasters, iPods, and Abs

I usually end up writing about Sunday’s long run, mostly because it seems to be some measuring stick of progress, a meditative climax to a week of training and life. This last Sunday was another 20-miler on a really beautiful spring day. I’m now getting used to consuming gels and fluids other than water on those long runs, and coping with the challenges of mental and physical walls (and the second winds that follow). It’s a pretty fascinating process, all in all. It can be really frustrating when my legs just hit the wall. It can be great when I get a second wind with two miles left. I suspect it will even out the longer I train at “high” mileage.

I’ve also started to taper my iPod use this week. I’m not sure why, exactly. I enjoy my Daft Punk and White Stripes mixes, as well as audiobooks, but I’m worried I’ll depend on them and then, on race day, have a completely different experience. Anyway, I read an article in this month’s Runner’s World about meditative running, and tried it this week. Like most meditation, it centers on the breath as a mental focal point and the acceptance and deflection of distracting thoughts. I enjoyed it, I think. Anyway, we’ll see if it’s something that I maintain and embrace or if it quickly passes.

I think I’m also starting to feel and see results from exercising my core the last month or so, which is encouraging. I hate “exercising” but have tried to stick to counting ab reps and holding planks just a few seconds more… Now I’m just rambling.


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