Posted by: Steven Hammer | April 11, 2010

All I want is a couple days off…

If you can forgive the Huey Lewis and the News reference…

This week, I had to back off a bit and take an extra day off. I ran a tempo on Wednesday and just felt awful–heavy, clunky, slow. I’ve also been sore from extra core workouts, daily commuting on my bicycle, and my new shoes. They’re motion-control shoes. While I think I like them, they’ve taken some adjustment in the form of 3 blisters and some general soreness. I don’t know if this is normal, but I decided on them because my Lunarglides showed significant evidence of overpronation and I was fairly injury-prone last year. I hate shoe decisions–the week after I buy shoes I fear I made some grave error. Maybe I’m worrying too much and just need to let my body adjust to the corrections these shoes offer.

Anyway, I backed off and took Thursday and Friday off, and Saturday felt like a million bucks. Today was also a success. I ran a long 22-miler in near-perfect weather. My legs are pretty shot tonight, but I can really feel my endurance improving. It wasn’t long ago that a 16-miler caused some pain and asked a lot of my body and mind. I’m still not feeling totally prepared to reach my goal, but I have six weeks left to ready myself.

So, I’m glad that I seem to be using my brain more these days and backing off when my body advises that I do so. It’s smarter than my ego, clearly… I’m working on maintaining my confidence and focusing on positive thinking. And most of all, I’m trying to shut up and enjoy running in this beautiful weather. After all, my sock tan is beginning to impress even me…

Happy running.



  1. Love the sock tan. Even more I love the forehead circle tan that guys get from wearing their hats backwards.

  2. Ha! Last summer I was into wearing headbands, which yielded similar results.

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