Posted by: Steven Hammer | April 18, 2010

Allergies, blisters, and knees.

If the title isn’t enough to convey my frustrations/challenges as of late, I’ll complain some more… “They” say that, due to another wet year, allergy sufferers are likely to have a particularly unwell season. I usually don’t suffer from allergies until the fall season, but right now I feel as awful as ever. Experimenting with Allegra, OTCs, nasal spray, has not yet completely absolved my misery, but I may soon find a combination that works. In any case, I took an extra day off (or two, I think) this week because I’ve felt so ill. I hope today’s long run goes smoothly…

I’ve had it with these new shoes! I’ve decided to return to my Lunarglides, as my new motion-control shoes have completely backfired in the form of 3 massive blisters on my arches and sore knees.  Another 100-mile pair of shoes now dedicated to cross-training and trips to the store. This week’s tempo workout was awful. I walked 3 times, which was completely demoralizing. Ok, I’m done complaining.

So, here’s to a bad week ending. I’m going to do my long run today and expect nothing, then delete this week’s file from my memory, or just chalk it up to “developing character” or something. As my father says, “the sun will come up tomorrow.”

Happy running, all.



  1. Don’t call it a comeback, but…

    Just ran a blistering-fast (for me) yet effortless 10-miler in my old shoes. No pains, soreness, fatigue. Grateful.

    Sigh of relief…

  2. The mantra which has gotten me through many of life’s challenges: “Iwill lay me down and bleed awhile and rise and fight again.” St. Barton’s ode.

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