Posted by: Steven Hammer | April 25, 2010


I find myself struggling as the peak of my training has arrived. In the last two weeks, I’ve cut a few runs short, walked twice, and taken 2 or 3 extra days off. This has done a number on my confidence. Today was the same: cut short (10 miles short). It’s pretty easy to mope around when I get home, so that’s what I’ve been doing most of the evening: icing my new aches and pains and feeling sorry for myself.

The culprits: a returning injury in my left glute. Extreme fatigue due to seasonal allergies. A decline in morale.

So, I’m trying to remain results-oriented. I’m going to schedule a massage for my injury, continue a regimen of antihistamines and vitamins to work on fatigue (as well as more sleep), and, well, just try to feel better I guess. I’ve read some articles reporting that it’s normal to struggle during the peak week of training. So, I’ll take a day off and try a short run to restore confidence, then get on with what I suspect is a much-needed period of tapering in the three weeks approaching my first marathon.



  1. Chin up, Bub.

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