Posted by: Steven Hammer | May 5, 2010

An anxious week off.

I’m currently taking a week off. I seem to have two pulled muscles (left hamstring: an oldie but a goodie; and my right groin). Neither hurt a great deal when I’m resting or walking, but about 4 miles into a run they start screaming. In fact, my Sunday run was so painful that I walked the last two or three miles barefoot–those motion control shoes are officially relegated to lawn mowing. Anyway, I’m on the injured reserve, which means plenty of RICE and a massage scheduled for Friday afternoon. I’ll try a short and easy run on Monday and see what happens.

Therefore, I’ve crafted a new goal for the soon-approaching Fargo Marathon: finish and live to race another day. Or, don’t finish and live to race another day. As much as I have been obsessing about qualifying in my first marathon, I would hate to ruin the whole season just to satisfy my ego. So–call it a practice in humility and patience. Hopefully I’ll be ready to pursue that sub-3:10 at Grandma’s in Duluth.

Which brings me back to a familiar thought/meditation: running as a process, or running as a goal? That is, do I enjoy this process for the sake of itself? Or do I transform running into a payoff, something like a paycheck in a terrible job? If it is a process I enjoy and appreciate it more. When it is a means to, say, running a 3:10, I get frustrated and impatient.

Enjoy the week, wherever you are in training.



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