Posted by: Steven Hammer | May 11, 2010

A good book and a return to the road

My daughter, Lily, and I out for a walk.

I ran 3 miles on Monday. A very cautious 3 miles. I wore my racing flats and happily struck the ground with my forefoot, remaining hypersensitive to even the slightest twinge of pain or “oh-that’s not right…” Good news: groin injury is gone. Bad news: left glute injury still alive and well. But the latter is a manageable injury in terms of speed and posture.

Speaking of posture, since I shelved my iPod and ultrapadded trainers, I’ve really had time to pay attention to my posture and its effects on pains. Most notably, I’m finding that my best-case scenario requires me to straighten my back and lift the crown of my head (think a seated meditation yoga pose). I think there’s something to this, although it truly feels as though I’m learning to run again.

Speaking of new and learning experiences, I ran a mile barefoot this morning. What an odd thing. And fun. I started Born to Run yesterday, read it late into the night. What a wonderful and interesting read. If my barefoot excursion, sans watch/gps/iPod, doesn’t illustrate it, I’m becoming quite enamored with this stuff. I’m not sure what else to report on this, except that I’m pretty excited about running again.

Off to work now; it’s finals week and some long hours of reading, writing, and grading await me.



  1. My old girlfriend, Mulva, used to say that if God wanted us to wear shoes we’d have been born with them. My Dad said that she didn’t have the brains God gave geese. I don’t know who’s right…

    Good luck with the physical act of running – looks like you’re where you need to be mentally. You choose to run.

  2. Ooh, barefoot barefoot? Or Vibram barefoot? There is something to the straightened back and the barefoot running will keep you from heel striking. Though your injuries didn’t denote that you were a heel striker. Anyways, did barefoot running make you all out giddy? It does for me sometimes. 😀

    Enjoy the run Steve!

  3. thoughtsandink–Thanks for the note! And…so giddy! I just felt…well, you obviously know.

    I’m thinking Vibram because, while in high school, I had surgery on my hammertoes, leaving them stiff at the knuckle. In other words, in the few times I’ve been out barefoot, the pads of those toes get pretty torn up, particularly on pavement/concrete.

    And no, I wasn’t a heel-striker (although my gait did change in that direction when I wore those motion control sneaks.

    Thanks again–enjoy the day!

  4. Steve, are you running FROM something or TO something?

    • Hm. Good question. Probably both. Or just running “with” something. Good question that will twist my head for a while…

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