Posted by: Steven Hammer | May 15, 2010

One week before Fargo Marathon

It was a good week off. I’ve been back running this week, and today really tested myself with a 2 hour (unknown distance/pace, I’d guess 8 minute miles) run. I felt good, although I can still feel the injury in my glute/hamstring. I’m icing awkwardly as I write. Anyway, I’m now confident I’ll at least finish without catastrophe. Maybe.

Next Saturday I’ll run my first marathon. I’m not really sure how I feel yet. Sometimes I’m excited, sometimes nervous, sometimes I just forget about it. In any case, I think that as the day approaches I’ll really become giddy. I do love race days. They seem to bring out the best in people–in me, anyway. I mostly admire the spectators and wonder what their motivation is for such high-spirited support. Maybe they also enjoy the camaraderie of the event. Anyway, I love waving and yelling back, “Thanks!” Maybe it sucks some energy to interact with spectators, but I suspect it is far less than they give to the runners. What a fun time.

Going to pick up a pair of five fingers on Tuesday and continue dabbling in “barefoot” running. So far I can really notice a difference in my gait, upper-body positioning/tension, and work performed by my calves. It’s a different animal…
Enjoy the week, friends.


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