Posted by: Steven Hammer | May 23, 2010

One year smoke-free, my marathon debut, and soreness

Yesterday I accomplished a goal I’ve been working toward for this past year: I finished the Fargo Marathon. A year ago I struggled through only 3 miles, smoked like a stack, and ate mostly processed junk. Things have certainly changed.

What a wonderful experience. I ran with the 3:20 pace group, a bunch of men and women working together, sharing gels and jolly ranchers as well as words of encouragement and occasional small talk. With about 3 miles to go, another man and I felt good enough to speed up a bit to the finish. I finished at 3:18:01, which I’m proud of. I wasn’t sure how I would perform after taking a week or two off, but when I made my goal “to have fun” rather than some number, I immediately removed disappointment from the equation. And I did have fun. Spectators and other runners were so enthusiastic, even despite the rain. My partner, Erin and my daughter, Lily were out on the course to cheer. I was able to stop and give my biggest supporters kisses and thanks.

I crossed the finish line and felt a swell of emotion, or endorphins, or something. A runner’s high unlike any other I’ve experienced. I removed my socks and shoes (heels bloody from rubbing on socks/shoes, blister on my right foot) and limped to the massage station to help with my ongoing glute/hamstring injury. What a wonderful day. We threw some massive steaks on the grill that night, drank some Coca-Cola, and I fell asleep by 9pm, happy as a clam.

I’m sore as hell today, but on top of the world. Can’t wait for Grandma’s in 4 weeks.



  1. Way to go Steven!!!

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