Posted by: Steven Hammer | June 6, 2010

Still bouncing back, approaching Grandma’s

After “zero week,” I’ve been impatiently waiting for my body to feel 100%. Maybe 100% doesn’t exist. Nothing terrible, but my sciatic nerve (both sides now) has been a constant issue and I’m still a bit achy in general.

Today I went for a two-hour run. The first hour-and-a-half was great, the last bit was a bit uncomfortable. Just aches and pains, feeling creaky… Anyway, I think that’s normal. The great news is that I don’t think I’m losing fitness/cardio. The run today involved neither fatigue nor hard breathing. This has me hopeful that I’ll be ready for Grandma’s marathon in just two weeks. I’m looking forward to another wonderful marathon experience.

So, just icing and being patient now. Still loving the new Vibrams, working them more gradually into the lineup, up to about 5 or 6 miles with them.  Fall marathon in VFFs?

Hope you’re well.


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