Posted by: Steven Hammer | July 24, 2010


Ok, this has nothing to do with training. Well, a little bit I guess.

When you’re out walking/running/biking/whatever, you can come across some interesting artifacts and happenings. I’ve had some particularly interesting finds lately:

A used pregnancy test. Seriously. (It was negative. Phew…)
Two young women scolding their boyfriends for threatening each other while they passed.
A couple canoeing down the red river, past a fisherman in cut off jeans. (think Tom and Huck)
A comb.
A young boy riding a bicycle that veered at me to see if I would flinch.
A teenage boy who commented, “Put on some pants!” I guess my running shorts are too revealing for his sensibilities…
Two juvenile delinquents (I can say that. I was once one.) throwing rocks against an old building.
Several small, aggressive dogs that want me dead.

I always want to remember all of these things. They’re hilarious, or sad, or puzzling. Sometimes all three. One of the benefits of all these hours out on the road I suppose.

Hope you’re well, friends.

*addition* I can’t believe I forgot this one. I saw a burning bush. Seriously–someone’s bush was literally on fire. I knocked on their door, they eventually put it out.



  1. Funny:)

  2. Loved the last one.

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