Posted by: Steven Hammer | August 9, 2010

Been awhile!

I don’t think I’ve written since just before peak week. I’m not sure. Anyway, it’s been awhile so I thought I should write about the training lately.

Peak week was surprisingly successful. I’ve been discouraged a few times during this training, wondering if I can even finish, but as I reached the long runs of my peak week, I found that I seem to be in great shape. I did a 5-hour run on Friday and a 4-hour run on Saturday of that week, and had enough juice during both runs to produce a relatively fast last mile or two. I’m recovering really quickly from workouts, especially long runs, and am still sans-injury. I’m going to jinx myself again…

This week was the first of the taper weeks. That is, I keep my M-F schedule of: off, 8, 4X1 repeats, 6, off. My weekend back-to-backs changed radically, though: 10k race on Saturday and 1.5 hours on Sunday. I can’t tell you how nice and short my runs feel now, and how fresh I am beginning to feel. The little aches and pains of training are starting to dissipate slowly now, and I feel more energy. This weekend I’ll do 2 hour runs on both Saturday and Sunday. Hopefully I have nothing but good news during the taper weeks ahead.

Interesting artifacts/events I’ve seen out on the road lately: A really big turkey and her young on a small path (I waited quite some time before passing as I’m a bit scared of big birds defending their young), a bald eagle perched atop a house in Moorhead, several intense games of neighborhood wiffle-ball (’tis the season), met some really fun hitchhikers drinking beer and smoking under the I-94 bike tunnel and we talked about minimalist running among other things–it was a nice break in a long and uneventful afternoon, and a sand volleyball tournament that apparently allowed kicking.

Summer in ND seems like such a contrast to winters in the way that I feel connected to other people. Out on the roads/bike paths/tracks you’re able to see other people out and active, and wave. Winters seem so antisocial, isolated. Maybe I need an outdoor winter hobby…I’ve considered cross-country skiing… Anyway, I guess it’s just nice to see people outside enjoying summer. Winters are just too long here. Now I’m just babbling:)

Hope you’re well and enjoying the hotter days of summer, friends!


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