Posted by: Steven Hammer | August 14, 2010

A countdown begins…

Hey friends. I’m a tired blogger today.

It’s practically profanity, but I’m tired not only from running, but of running.

I read a friend’s blog, who also happens to be running the half hundred at Lean Horse in two weeks, and she seems to feel the same way. Just hitting a wall…maybe a mileage wall, maybe something else altogether. It’s so nice when other runners are honest about those feelings. There’s nothing worse than feeling crappy–alone. Company makes it feel better, or normal, or something.

In any case, there’s my confession for the week.

Everything else is pretty solid–injury-free, mostly pain/soreness-free, etc. I’m actually starting to look beyond this month’s race and thinking about what I’ll do this winter. Frankly, I need a break from running, at least for the bitter winter months. I’ve read that cross country skiing is good off-season training for the distance runner, and am looking into it. Also, snowshoeing. Like any other hobby, though, the start-up costs for equipment are a little discouraging for those of us on budgets.

Anyway, I’m really trying to find something that makes me dread North Dakota winters less. You know, like the skiers and snowmobilers who cheer when it snows while the rest of us groan… I envy them. They’ve found a way to look forward to winter. Brilliant.

So, exactly two weeks from today I’ll be running my first ultramarathon. What a journey it’s been so far. The countdown begins…

See you later, alligator.

P.S., we found out that our second baby, due Jan. 4, is a boy. Rowan Reginald is his name. Pretty beautiful stuff.



  1. Glad to hear the sciatic nerve is no longer aching. You’ll have a great run cuz you have your ‘head in the game,’ as they say.

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