Posted by: Steven Hammer | August 17, 2010

Resolving relationship problems

RUNNING: We need to talk. This isn’t going well.

ME: I know–but listen, hear me out–I know I’ve been grumpy. I’ve treated you like a pest, like a job, like a chore. I’ve drowned you out with headphones lately, sworn at you aloud out on the road, even stood you up on multiple occasions. I guess I just got burned out, tired. I’m sorry. Our big day is…oh wow, it’s only 11 days away! We can’t give up now.

RUNNING: Yes, it is close. We’ve come a long way. But you’ve got to change or this isn’t going to work.

ME: I agree. Can we make up? I’ll be better. I’ll work at this relationship and quit thinking it should just happen effortlessly. You do so much for me and I’ll remember that…

Ok, I’m a dork for that little dialogue. But lately running has felt like a dysfunctional relationship in that awful fighting-breakup-makeup stage, so this fits for me. But it’s getting so close to the 50miler that I’ve decided I need to get over whatever it is that has been ailing me. Get the relationship back on track. Find a way to reconcile.

I don’t know how, but a glance at the calendar today gave me a feeling I haven’t felt in awhile. That nervous, excited twinge in the pit of my stomach. 11 freakin’ days, man!  All tapering at this point. 11 days! This is going to be tough. And great. And painful. And exhilirating…

I hope this resurgence stays. It feels good to be excited again.


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