Posted by: Steven Hammer | August 21, 2010

One short week away

So, one week from now I should be close to finishing the race. Hopefully, anyway.

Went for a really nice 6-mile run at race pace today. Pretty hot and humid, which I don’t mind. More importantly I feel pretty good. Injury-free. Mostly pain-free. I’m finding now, however, that my body sort of cycles through pains for these long runs. My right knee will twinge/ache for half a mile, then go away, then my left ankle for a while, etc. It’s pretty odd and doesn’t seem to follow much of a pattern. I try to avoid taking them too seriously–just my body warming up or something. Anyway, I’m feeling good I think. Tapering is starting to yield feelings of recovery, etc.

So most of my anxiety/insecurity involves the details of the race. Drop bags, equipment (gaiters or no gaiters?), nutrition/hydration…and the list goes on. From what I read, half the battle with these races is avoiding mistakes in these areas. So…I’m going to use resources the best I can and see what happens. I’ve also been told that the Lean Horse race is very beginner-friendly, informative, and helpful, so I assume I’ll get by with a little help from new friends.

Ok, off to enjoy the afternoon with family, colleagues, and friends (company and department picnics galore today…).

Enjoy the day, friends.



  1. What may seem an insurmountable challenge may become life’s marrow.

    I salute your fearlessness.

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