Posted by: Steven Hammer | September 2, 2010

All this energy, nowhere to go…

Hey friends,

Still in recovery phase, although I’m feeling really good. My left foot and hip are only a little sore. No pain though, which makes me conclude that I haven’t sustained any serious injuries. Then again, I haven’t tried to run yet.

I’m finding myself with lots of energy, though, and no real outlet. I want to start running again!! I’ve decided that I’ll likely run a 15k at the end of October, which should give me enough time to work on speed again. I’m really anxious to get going, but I’ll probably wait until Monday to ease back out onto the roads.

I think I’m coming to the emotional peak of the whole ultramarathon experience, too. I mean to say that I’ve hit my peak of feeling euphoric and am now left thinking, “what do I have to look forward to? Will any races be fulfilling now? Life seems less intense, less real, less fulfilling now….” But I’ve also read that this is quite normal, particularly after one’s first ultra. (Perhaps this is one reason why so many people keep doing them…)

I think a new goal will be good, though. I’m excited to race short distances again, and feel the suffering and challenge of shorter distances. And…everything will feel relatively short and fast now…

Fall is here, which is my favorite running weather. It’s cooling down, leaves are starting to appear on the ground. It’s really quite beautiful.



  1. They say to never judge a man until you run 50 miles in his shoes…or something like that.

  2. I don’t want to say I told you so, but I told you so!

  3. We are all so proud of you. What a great accomplishment. And you’re right, autumn is better – the air isn’t quite so heavy – easier to breathe.

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