Posted by: Steven Hammer | September 13, 2010

Speed, man.

So, the 15k training has been quite a departure from the ultra training. That’s pretty obvious, I suppose…

I’m finding that I haven’t lost speed as much as I feared, that going back to 5k-half marathon paces actually feels really good and natural. I’m beginning to suspect that I’m perhaps better suited to these middle distances. I’ll still be back to the ultras, though.

I did my long run yesterday, and discovered a common problem. I couldn’t stay at conversational pace. Instead, I was closer to a pace between my marathon and half marathon race pace. After running such long miles, I’m just not afraid of 7 anymore! This has been a problem for me, historically, which is fine except that it sometimes leads to injury and extra days off down the road…So I guess it’s not really fine at all.

New training focus: Hills. And since we don’t really have any here in the parking lot we call Fargo, I’ve resigned to a weekly, gulp, treadmill session. I’m doing mile repeats at a reasonably steep grade. I don’t like the gym, but it’s a hell of a workout and I learned at Lean Horse that failing to run hills in workouts results in failing to run hills in races and suffering. So far, so good.

Good luck to many friends doing fall races, from 5k to 50 milers… Love fall racing!!!



  1. Faulkton has hills. I’m just saying.

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